How to have a productive day: Prioritize

Don’t:  Turn on the TV – Scroll through your phone – Walk around doing things that are really just distractions/procrastinating from what you really need to accomplish!
tv-taught-me-how-to-feel-now-real-life-has-no-appeal-quote-1DO:  Sit in your favorite spot in the house, get out the pen&paper and write down a FEW priorities for the day!
keep-calm-and-focus-on-prioritiesWhy:  Well, if like me, you have a million things running through your head all the time and can’t find the best place to start, you need to find a place to start and not try to accomplish building the Great Wall of China in ONE day!!  Setting unrealistic goals will only leave you frustrated and most likely you won’t get anything done!

Today, this was an absolute must!  I woke up feeling frustrated and my mind was running…
My husband, Shawn, works on the Fire Dept and recently has been picking up some extra shifts.  So his now 24hr shift has turned into 48hr shifts.  With me working also, we sometimes don’t even see each other on his day off, but to sleep.  This year, he also cannot come on vacation with me because of work.  On top of that, I was really missing my family!  And lastly, everyday I wake up determined to build a business that will offer something different for my family and generations to come.  I truly believe in it.  The hardest part is overcoming FEAR of what I THINK people are saying.  But at the end of the day; my mind and heart are in the right place, I trust and believe, and I have a vision for my life – so no one needs to understand it but ME!6e8401fcb3f321740468b380675b8ea5WHAT I DID:  I sat in my sunroom and reflected on all the good things in my life.  Then, I wrote down a few things I truly needed to get done:
•I like my house to be organized when I start my week – wrote that down
•Make sure I go through all my bills and pay them, also make sure that I put money away (it is so important every week to look back at what you spent money on and to make sure you are putting some AWAY every week).  9/10 times couples/families fight about money.  So YES, this is a priority EVERY week to make sure we are on track (present and future).
•Write in my blog – I  hope my transparency offers advice and comfort to you.
•Grocery store and food prep
•GYM – my time, my time, my time!  Sorry, got excited about that one! 🙂
•Reach out to people and offer them Hope and Health!

Come to find out – all the things I was frustrated about were really things I should have been looking at positively!
1.  My Husband HAS a job that he LOVES!  So be it that he has to work some extra hours.
2.  I HAVE my family.  They love me, are supportive and always there when I need them.
3.  I HAVE a team that is determined, like minded and willing to work hard to better themselves and their families.  Timing is everything.



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