Here is just a quick update on my pull-ups!  I am finishing up a post for ‘Healthy Lifestyle #101’ but was too excited not to post some progress!

I jumped up on the bar, at the beginning and end of my workout…
(My workout consisted of Bench Press, Push-ups, Pull-ups (lowering down slowly), Heavy Lat Pulldown, Heavy Back-to-Bicep, Bicep and some Shoulders.  Heavy weight, 6-8 reps.)
Before workout:  I got 3.5 (alllllmost 4) quality pull-ups
After workout: I got 3.5 quality pull-ups!!

That is exciting!  Why?!  One, because I was pretty consistent even after a good workout that targeted the upper body.  Two, I still have a good 2 months to rock out my goal of 5 pull-ups by the END of Summer.

I feel the most difference:  In my GRIP strength!  This is a huge factor in the pull-up.  When I first started, I noticed that weakness right away.  To improve, I started doing the eccentric (lowering) part of pull up, along with deadman hangs.  Just hanging from the bar like a monkey for as long as I can!!!

Where I am looking to improve:  I am using some momentum to get me to the bar.  Not necessarily kipping but they still are not 100% strict pull-ups.  Since the pull-up is a very specific exercise – I believe that over time the strict part will come more naturally if I just KEEP PRACTICING!

Set those goals – Stop at NOTHING!!!



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