Healthy Lifestyle #101

Lets be honest.  It isn’t always easy.  However, it is ALWAYS worth it.

I wanted to share a few tips/tricks that keep me on track to living a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle – Over time, I have found this works for me.  You need to dig deep and experiment with ways that will keep you on track too!

This is all about you!  Start here and don’t move on until you have found something that tugs at your heart, makes you cry or makes you want to jump out of your seat and get to work RIGHT NOW!
My WHY:  I do it to keep balance in my life.  When I wake up I want to feel confident, I want something to work for and most importantly I am worth it!  My husband, family and friends benefit most when I am the best that I can be!  I would do anything for those around me such as ‘giving you the shirt off my back’ – however, I can’t give you the shirt off my back if there isn’t a shirt to give!  I can’t give you my time and attention if I don’t know how to give myself time and attention.  For me, it all stems from having confidence in myself.  I am much more equip to take on what life has to throw at me when I believe in myself.

#2 – MAKE A PLAN: Take some time to develop this.  Write it out!!  Identify a list of reasons/events which currently sidetrack you.  Over time, our daily habits become second nature and we think it is just normal.  When you take time to write out your day and exactly what you do most days – I can guarantee you will notice a pattern.  Then, figure out a few ways to make SMALL changes!  For example:  Waking up 30 minutes early to get in quick workout and prep meals for days, taking a brisk 20 minute walk at lunch 3x/week instead of going out to lunch with co-workers (with prepped meals you save time waiting in lines at lunch), turn off the TV at night!!  This is one of my biggest changes!!  I thought that after a long day, I DESERVED to sit in front of the TV and just veg!  Instead – if Shawn is home and it is a nice night we go for a walk and TALK to each other about our day, prep meals for that day, take some quiet time, read a book or even calling a friend to catch up!  By making a plan – I don’t get OVERWHELMED!  I make time daily to accomplish small goals and TRUST ME – it makes everything go much smoother!!  And when I occasionally get off track – I know what to do to get back on track!

#3 – 80/20 Rule:  Progress not Perfection!  Be realistic!  Be honest with yourself!  We all need balance!  Make sure you really know what 80% vs 20% is (not 60% vs. 40% 🙂 )
You know where I am going with this – 80% of the time eat well-balanced, whole foods! 20% of the time or less, you are enjoying a small indulgence!
WARNING:  This is different for everyone!  Some can eat a small snack everyday, it makes them feel as though they aren’t deprived of anything, and still stay on track!  For others, this may completely sidetrack them!  You may find it easiest to eat well all week, but Saturday is your date night every week and that is your small indulgence!
diet-quote-1Lets do Math: Example #1 (7 days/week x 3 meals/day = 21 main meals)
If I eat 18/21 Healthy Meals/week = 85%!!  **This does not include snacks**
–What does this mean?  This means that if you have a day when you were running around, out of town, or just got off track…YOU DIDN’T SPOIL IT ALL!!  No need to give everything up, throw away your goals or feel defeated!  It means, you need to refocus, tighten up your routine and schedule for the rest of the week and STAY THE COURSE!!
I personally eat about 5x/day (3 meals, 2 snacks, 1 gallon of water).  I should have 35 healthy meals&snacks/week.  30/35 (85%) is normally where I am.  I am not eating an entire cake for an indulgence, it is just something I didn’t prep or I wouldn’t normally eat but had a taste for.
Remember:  20% means a small, portion controlled indulgence
What works for me:  I don’t keep unhealthy items in the house – my friends joke that I have NOTHING in my fridge – no temptations.  Sometimes, I ask Shawn to bring me one serving of something home or most of the time I wait until I am out with friends and enjoy that time – I don’t feel guilty because I know all the hard work and consistency I have put in all week.  I guarantee that if you truly stick to the 80/20 rule – more often then not you will find yourself not wanting to ruin the 80%.  You feel great and therefore crave less of the food that makes you feel bloated, lethargic or tired!

#4 – Fun and Friendly Competitions:  Make a list of challenges, establish a time frame and create a prize!
We are currently doing one to establish better habits:
1.  We started a 24 Day Advocare Challenge, stick to it via app and food plan
2. At the end of the challenge the winner will have accomplished the best out of 5 categories:
* %lbs lost
* %inches lost
* Meals eaten at home (or homemade meals eaten while at work, same idea)
* Workouts completed
* Reaching their personal goal (Mine = 4 pullups)
These are all practical, realistic and attainable!  We are establishing patterns that lead to daily habits!  We all always know what we SHOULD be doing, but you need to write it out, make a plan and have accountability!
The prize:  Whoever accomplishes the most out of 5 categories owes the other dinner&movie!!

#5 – You aren’t vein if you talk about yourself:  I bet, that if you haven’t followed a healthy lifestyle in the past, you don’t know how good you SHOULD feel!  Trust me, once you get that feeling – when you wake up and feel energy, well rested and good in your clothes – you will wear a huge smile on your face!  You will want to TALK about your accomplishments and you will find that you want to wear those cute workout clothes or will be shopping for clothes that bring attention to you, not away from you!!
2786ed823c3020d05b96174e7004c7c8*I love the cute workout tank tops and bright colored Nike’s along with awesome patterned stretch pants!  For some reason I never wanted to bring attention to myself.  I was never overweight and truly could have worn the clothes just fine – but I didn’t have the confidence in myself!  Until I made it a POINT to get back on track – lift 5x/week or do yoga, walk – then I feel on top of the world and I don’t let others get in my head with what I think their opinion is on me!

Set your Goals.  Make them so big that others Question them.  Get after them!



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