Need Protein? Sick of Chicken?

“If I eat any more chicken, I am just going to die!!
“What is good to eat for breakfast that gives me protein, besides eggs?”

I have heard this more than a few times and I have felt this way too!  Trust me.  I get it!

Remember this:  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  It gets your metabolism fired up and gives you energy to start your day!!
•Eat within ONE hour of waking
•Say YES to Protein and Complex Carbs and Good Fats
•Say NO to sugar, grease, bad fats
•Drink at least 16oz of water

With that being said, here are two quick and easy recipes that provide protein, will satisfy a sweet tooth and can be eaten in the car on your way to work so there is NO EXCUSE not to eat well in the morning!

《Banana Protein Pancakes》




These were SO incredibly easy to make, everything was already in my pantry too!  I added a little PB on top and rolled it up!

《Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies》



Soft, Sweet and just gooood!  They taste a lot like bars I have bought in the store!  This is less ingredients, not processed and cheaper!!
I added Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds in for taste but definitely optional.  I also grinder up the oats which the recipe doesn’t call for but I like it like that!!

Make time for YOU!  Being Healthy does NOT have to be expensive!  Instead of getting unhealthy pancakes from a restaurant or a bar from the grocery store – I made a healthier version for less $$.



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