7 Pullups!!

I am so close to 10, I can feel it!!

When we first met, back in June 2015, I could not even pull my 130lb frame to the bar.  I am not even sure I moved at all!!  So, I got to work by first setting goals then working at those goals (every day) regardless of how defeated I felt (almost every day)!!
However, OVER TIME it started to become easier and easier!!  With my last update, I was able to do 3.5 pullups, working on 5.  I hit 5, then 6 and now 7!!
With the holidays I took a small hiatus from working on them, no excuses, it is just what happened.  Come the new year, I got back to the ‘bar’!

How I Work on it:  Lat pulldowns, Inverted Rows, Pull-up Assist machine, Deadman hangs, Ring Rows, Bicep Curls!  I do 6-8 repetitions for 4 sets.  Most important, I do rest my arms!!  Suffering from a knee injury that doesn’t allow me to do leg exercises for months now,  I have to make sure I don’t overwork the arms!

WE BUILT A HOME GYM!!!  Included:  Pull-up bar, Rings, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Mats, Dumbbells, Foam Rollers, Stability Balls!   Now we have NO excuses!!  Minimum equipment but Maximum Results!  We plan to add more later on,  but for now we have a lot to work with and work on!!

66ac674b-4dff-4c99-8918-36536ed21958 6579afff-b3c7-4187-848a-37e3a4bf984b de7b5cd5-be49-44eb-a11b-c6957d8c07d7We still have to paint the back wall and put up our workout/goal boards!!  Any ideas?!

Sunday, February 7th Workout!!  5ed0777f-e849-429f-8790-81bc4dda5163

I definitely have some work to do there!!  That smoked me :/

GOAL SETTING!!  Perform 10 Pullups by April 19th, 2016 (Shawn’s 30th Birthday)!

1795bfe8-06a6-47ac-ae66-efa591df0959Just keep holding onnn!!



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