Are you leading your life with the ‘How’s’ & ‘What’s’?!!  How I make money.  What job I  have to make money.  How I spend money and What I spend it on.  How I act.  What I do to workout.
‘Any person or organization can explain WHAT they do; some can explain HOW they are different or better; but very few can clearly articulate WHY.  Why is not about money or profits – those are results.  WHY is that thing that INSPIRES US AND INSPIRES THOSE AROUND US.’ -Simon Sinek (Start with Why).


January 2016– I was to read 1 new book each month and write a blog post about it.  My books would be leadership driven, motivational and help me to grow as a person.  I read ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek and WOW!  It helped me hone in on my ‘tornado brain thoughts’, which means I have a million ideas spinning through my head that I want to tackle all at once, but realistically I cause more destruction than construction.  I quickly realized that I was leading with the HOW and WHATS rather than my WHY!

So, here it goes: ‘THE GOLDEN CIRCLE” (read the book to get full details!)TheGoldenCircle
WHY:  To lead by example.  Take the reigns on my life, charge like a rhinoceros and not let fear hold me back!  Along the way, I want to inspire others to create changes in theirs lives of which they have been procrastinating!  Step out of your comfort zone and go for whatever it is you truly want to do!  No matter the nay-sayers or negative attitudes.  Prove them wrong.

HOW:  Create a resource which inspires, educates, gives direction, sends the message of hope and adds value to ones life.  Work on ME everyday, therefore, I have the ability to help others.

WHAT:  My vehicles of choice:  My Blog and Advocare.  Give opportunities to those who need it.

We all have hidden potential that cannot be reached unless we dig deep, thicken our skin and put in the work!  Look for opportunities that will open doors for you!  Ones that will help you attain your goals and advance you in your search for something bigger!  Dream a little…
Thank you Simon Sinek for reconnecting me to my WHY!

February 2016 – Well, I had the entire month to read ‘Rhinoceros Success’, however, I finished the book in 2 hours!!  Woops!  It was a simple read and rather short.  As I kept reading, I couldn’t put it down.  The book spoke to me.  I feel much of what was said everyday!  Here is the problem, FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK HOLDS ME BACK!
A few sections in the book that stood out to me, I’d like to share.  To find out the rest you will have to purchase the book!

1.  Two-Inch-Thick Skin:  You have a ‘damn-the-torpedoes’ attitude.  Your skin is so thick you hardly feel them.  You are a thick-skinned, mad, charging rhinoceros, and the torpedoes will run out before you would ever go back to being a lazy old cow in the pasture.  Keep Charging!
2.  Be an Audacious Rhino:  ‘Go for it’ is your motto.  Choose to be Audacious.  Success is Audacious.  Do things that take nerve.  Every goal, every dream, every great project requires some audacity.
3.  Persistence:  You never give up!  You have the invaluable strength to keep at whatever you are doing, despite the circumstances.  Nothing can conquer your strong will to succeed.
4.  Problems are a good sign:  You understand that problems are a good thing.  Problems indicate that progress is being made, wheels are turning, and you are moving towards your goals.  Beware when you do not have problems.  Then you’ve really got a problem!
imagesI just ordered 4 more books from Amazon and they will be here tomorrow!  Hint:  3 are by Andy Andrews! 🙂  Be on the lookout for post about those as well!

Until then – replace something in your life that is NOT adding value to you.  I gave up TV for the month, possibly longer, to focus on reading, blogging and working out!



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