Need to turn your day around? Simple, stand on your HEAD (literally)!

Slept in, 7am, and then sat on the couch for most of the morning.  Mainly reading and catching up on some “to-do’s”.  By 11am, I had lost my motivation to clean and thought, ‘Ugh, most of the day is OVER anyways!”

Then I DECIDED my day did not have to go that way.  I left the cat sleeping on the couch, didn’t clean the dishes, didn’t start laundry and got dressed to workout!!  Notice the big bun on top of my head?!  Well, that is for STANDING ON YOUR HEAD (ask my sister)!  I whipped up a quick shake and on I went;  I only had to walk 10 feet to my home gym so I really have no excuses!  Bad knee and all…we can do other things!!

Enjoy my videos!  I was practicing some skills that need A LOT of work!!
I first did a workout then practiced some skills…

Workout: 5 Pullups, 5 Ring Dips, 5 Ring Rows, 20 Pushups, 15 of any ab exercise.  Repeat 5x.
Cool, done with that.  Now lets find something to laugh about…

Second, I worked on:

  1. STOOD ON MY HEAD, Handstand Pushups! …or lack there of on the pushup part.  “Committ Britt!” is what you hear me say.  As you can notice, my apprehension is throwing me off.  Next time, I’ll try when Shawn is home and he can help!  To help improve this, a great exercise is INCLINE PUSHUPS.  Place your feet on a box and do pushups.  Gradually increase height of feet as you improve.  I had to at least test where I was today!  I need to see the progression for motivation!
  2. Deadman hang for 5 seconds into a strict pullup.  Repeat 10x, Rest 30 seconds in between.  Helps me improve coming out of the bottom of the pullup.  And to tighten my core while hanging there, working on body control.
  3. The BEST for last!  Have you ever seen those videos that show someone hanging from a pullup bar doing core exercises and pullups between, to some awesome music?!  They keep on beat and last for 30 or more seconds?!  Yes well, that WASN’T me, today!  But again, you must start somewhere!! Check this out…
    *Holding chin above bar and trying to strengthen my core.  I repeated this set a few times. *A key to a strict pullup is decreasing momentum.  Therefore, a strong core is essential in the control of your body.

    CLICK BELOW TO SEE VIDEO!!! Trust me, you will laugh!” target=”_blank”>Headstands, Pullups and Core Galore

Needless to say, I had a few good laughs, alone, in my garage!  However, when I came back inside I felt AWESOME! I figured I would complete my post first and then finish up around the house with a much  better attitude in stow!

And I must add my awesome Vanilla Blueberry Protein Shake!  Complete with protein powder and Blueberry Oasis!  I’ll take it!






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