{G.O.A.L.S} How to SET & STICK to them!

G: GET up and start ONE step at a time…
O: Organization
A: Accountability
L: Listen & Learn
S: Stick and Stay

I love blogging and sharing my story!  First, it keeps me accountable; Second, I hope that it inspires you!  By sharing some of my tips, tricks and inspiration my GOAL for YOU is that you TAKE ACTION!

For a long time I was guilty of following a lot of people on Facebook or Instagram.  I love following positive people who are making something of themselves and sharing it along the way.  Or watching someone transform through hard work and dedication.  However, I noticed that I was doing A LOT of watching!  Aren’t we all guilty of that?!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love to follow those blogs,  I just needed to figure out WHAT to take from their posts…….I need the positive perspective.  Their outlook, dedication and consistency made me want to find my niche and go after it too the way they are!!  Not to JUST watch them, but to get out there and GO!.

My new approach when reading others blogs or posts “Good for them, thanks for the encouragement, now what should I be doing?!”

I hope I can offer you the same thing!  I also want to add helpful tips so that you can TAKE ACTION and not just watch me do some headstands (and laugh at me), pullups or who knows what else may come along!



G: Get up and start ONE step at a time
*Grab a piece of paper and write, Get your sneakers on and walk/run, Grab a healthy snack, Give yourself Grace.  Take everything one step, one day, one snack and one mishap at a time.  The key is getting up and starting!  So you had a bad day – give grace.  So you had a stressful day at work that caused you to eat a bad meal – go for a walk after work and get over it!  So you keep putting off your goals – oh well, the time has passed, get the paper out and write them down NOW!
O:  Organization
*We all need a little!  Organize your home (Messy house – Messy Mind).  Organize your clothes the night before, prep your meals, plan your workout, plan times during the week to pay bills, clean the house – Make SOME type of calendar.  Then, WRITE out your goals.  SET a date of accomplishment.  Make short and long term timelines.
Short Term Example:  In one week, I will have gotten together a gym bag, signed up at the gym and food prepped.  Oh and get myself to the gym 3 times per week (M,W,F) from 3-4pm.  Be SPECIFIC with goals!
Long Term Example:  In one month, I will have made my short term goals from the last month become HABITS!  I will be able to add in an exercise class to my already 3 days per week at the gym (Spin Class).  You could also set 3,6,9 month goals.  Just make them specific.  Guess what, even if you DON’T hit them exactly you will be A LOT further then you were WITHOUT setting goals!  GUARANTEED.  I was supposed to do 10 pullups by Xmas.  It is now February and I am stuck at 7, but let me tell you I feel ACCOMPLISHED, STRONG AND POWERFUL.  I will get there I just need to keep going…
A:  Accountability
*Easy – find someone who will not let you down!  My sister joined the gym with my Mom.  Mom needed someone who would go with her and keep her accountable.  They are doing awesome!  My sister now needs me to keep her accountable to a few new goals she has set and I will need her as well!!   Well, we live 800 miles away.  Distance is no excuse and technology is a great thing !  **Look in upcoming posts for our goals and watch our progress**
Remember, you must first be THE single most accountable person to yourself.  Don’t rely on others 100% of the time.  Rely on you 95% of the time, others 5%…
L:  Listen & Learn
*Listen to what others have to say and learn from it.  We don’t need to act on all of the advice of others, but certainly be open ears.  Often we learn a lot about ourselves that way.  This will allow you to grow as a person.
S: Stick & Stay
*Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay – Stick & Stay –
Get the point? … It is that simple!
‘If you don’t quit, you can’t fail’ – there is something to be said about that!

Whether your goal is workout related or growing as a professional, the above tips will help you get started!  Get moving in the right direction and don’t procrastinate.  Believe in yourself, have confidence and put your blinders on so that all you see is the road forward.

Summer 2015 #LBI #WorkoutAnywhere #NoEquipment #NoExcuses #StrongSisters



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