Gave up TV for Lent…now what?!…

You wouldn’t believe how many extra hours in a day you can take advantage of when you give up TV!!

I was notorious for coming home from work, getting into my pajamas, turning on the TV and doing my chores around the house – then ending up in front of the TV for 1 or 2 hours at a time!  Before I knew it, it was dark and I had sat too long, resulting in then REALLY not wanting to get up.  So I would eat some dinner, get ready for bed, go to sleep…and REPEAT.  I dreaded those Sunday evenings because I was getting ready for the week ahead.  When Friday came along I was ecstatic for the weekend!  I have said this once and I’ll say it again… I HATE living that way…hour by hour at work, week by week, and allowing the months to fly by with nothing new and exciting to look forward to!

My Solution:
For Lent, I decided to eliminate DISTRACTIONS!!
WHY:  To focus on me.  Eliminate this ‘other world reality’ that I was brainwashing myself with through TV.  Begin to really do some of the activities I have been putting off.  Ones that will ultimately lead me to more time freedom, building me up as a person and relieve stress!!
HOW:  Made a list.  Checked it twice.  Committed and Decided on it…Taking it day by day and DOING IT!
WHAT:  Eliminated TV.  Allows me to READ more.  Reading builds me up, allows me to be the character in the book and make my own reality (I will describe a few of the books I have been reading further down).  Started re-doing furniture again.  Nothing better than a beautiful day, the sun shining down and I am outside painting, sanding, being productive! Working out!  Yes, I always workout.  But focusing on some skills in particular.  I now feel accomplished after a long day with less stress because I am ‘doing’ rather than ‘postponing’!

No Excuses about Not Enough Time – Make Time!

*My goal was 1 book per month.  So far I have finished my 5th book and it is only March 2nd.  Guess I was wasting A LOT of time on the TV…
1.  ‘The Butterfly Effect’ – Andy Andrews
*Short, quick, easy read.  Very insightful.  It will take you under 30 minutes to read.  Loved bookmarking a few pages that really spoke to me!  Imagine if you filled your mind with these awesome, powerful thoughts more often? ‘Every single thing you do matters.  You have been created as one of a kind.  You have been created in order to make a difference.  You have within you the power to change the world.’ (Andy Andrews).
2.  ‘The Noticer’ – Andy Andrews
*My FAVORITE book in a long time!!  Andy speaks truth that most of us feel every day, however, are not courageous enough to seek or speak ourselves!  He describes more than a few situations where PERSPECTIVE is the answer that is right in front of us, yet missed almost every time.  ‘Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective.’ (Andy Andrews).  I really cannot emphasize enough how great this book is.  I love READING rather than watching this on TV because I can apply the scenarios to my life.  It makes me think about where and when I need a little more perspective without showing me the face of a character of someone else’s life.  It allows for reflection.
3.  ‘The Traveler’s Gift’ – Andy Andrews
*Seven Decisions that determine personal success.  There.  Right there.
The First Decision for Success:  The buck stops here.  I am responsible for my past and my future.
The Second Decision for Success:  I will seek wisdom.  I will be a servant to others.
The Third Decision for Success:  I am a person of action.  I seize this moment, I choose now.
The Fourth Decision for Success:  I have a decided heart.  My destiny is assured.
The Fifth Decision for Success: Today I will choose to be happy.  I am the possessor of a grateful spirit.
The Sixth Decision for Success:  I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.  I will forgive myself.
The Seventh Decision for Success:  I will persist without exception.  I am a person of great faith.

What is a distraction in your life that is taking up too much of your time?  If you eliminate it, what would happen?  Does this distraction help or hinder you?  Are you procrastinating something else because of this distraction?



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