link Hate cooking for 1??! Me too!


Don’t worry! We do too!!

With the Husband on 24 hour shifts, I find myself needing a meal for just me! (My sidekick the cat always eats chicken…doesn’t seem to bother her!!)  I hear this from my clients all the time too and, trust me, I get it!
1. I really dislike cooking in the first place, be it 1 or 25 ppl, it just isn’t my thing.
2. I am not creative in the kitchen.  So I make the same stuff, get sick of it, then decide on my way home from work (knowing Shawn is working) that I’ll just grab myself something from take-out.  Even a salad tastes better when you don’t have to make it, RIGHT?!
3.  I meal prep every week, however for some reason, if I already had it at lunch or once that week, when it comes to dinner I just want something other than what I already cooked! Go figure!
4.  My solution is to have a couple backup recipes I can throw together that I know are good for me too!

But here is the deal. That is a simple EXCUSE and I need to work past it.  Save money and eat better!  So I take it week by week while grocery shopping or meal by meal.  I always remind myself two things:
1. The $$$ saved!
2. How much better I feel with fresh, homemade meals!!! 🙂 🙂

A simple, no-brainer which required no effort and made from everything I already had in the fridge!






Chopped up the pepper slices in fridge, threw 2 eggs in, added basil and oregano to the pan and out came an omlette!  Threw on 4 slices of turkey bacon! Had a relaxing cup of decaf tea and tall glass of ice water!

…and that’s it folks!



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