Heal leg, Heallll!!! Babies x 3! Food Prep!

A few things to sum up the week:
1. Progress on the leg
2. Babies, babies, babies
3. Food Prep

When it comes to injuries or being out of commission from working out – it sure does mentally take a toll on me!!
When I am stressed, I workout.  When I am angry, I workout.  When I am happy, I workout.  When I am anticipating an event, I workout.  When I am indecisive, I workout.  When I am anxious, I workout.  Get the point.  Working out is my release!
March 4th I had arthroscopic surgery to remove some of my meniscus and the lateral plica band.  Overall, to clean it up and fix the tear.  This has been a ‘problem knee’ for 15 months!!  In that time I have avoided most ALL leg exercises…hence the reason I was working on pullups, pushups and core!
A little over 2 weeks out from surgery and I am not gimping quite as much – more so slowly walking like a snail…The hardest thing for me is to rememeber to TAKE IT SLOW, REST, ICE AND NOT TO OVER DO IT.  I have been really good about following the rules, but HELLO! HAVE YOU FELT THE WEATHER LATELY…it is perfect running weather before the humidity.
But, I promised myself I would be patient and let my leg heal properly.  The positive side is that I am hopefully on the mend for good!  It highlighted how much I take working out for granted or even the ability to just get up and prepare myself a meal!  I had to rely on my Husband for a large majority of things these past two weeks.  Even showering was a chore!
Next time I want to complain about having to get my butt up and go workout… I will remember when it was taken away from me for a few weeks and just how frustrating that was!
Lastly, if you have something that you are dealing with and it is preventing you from doing what you want; I suggest that you try to find the positive in it.  For myself, I was forced to work on Pull-ups!  A move that was seriously SO intimidating to me and I just always made an excuse to not work on them!  When I didn’t have a choice – I had to get over the fear of looking like a fool those first few months when I just hung from the bar, attempted to pull-up and nothing happened………
With consistency, determination and the mindset “I don’t care what others think now!  Let them see me later when I prove it” I was able to really push past something I had been avoiding.  GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD.  No one really cared if I could do a pull-up or not!  No one was making fun of me.  It was easy to manifest these thoughts in my head, however, and then let those thoughts hold me back!

Babies, babies, babies
Two years ago Shawn and I were at 7-10 weddings per year.  We now find ourselves at Baby Showers!  We had one in Durham, NC this weekend – so our crazy selves drove 5 hours to Durham on Friday night, saw our friends and attended the baby shower, then left Saturday evening!  Unfortunately we had to miss another friends shower that fell on the same day!  Today, I spent the afternoon at a gender reveal party!
A lot of fun and beautiful things happening lately and it is so cool to see your friends and their relationships grow.  We love being on the journey with them!

Food Prep
Besides being unable to workout like I want to, this is always the WORST part of the week for me.  Make no mistake – I always food prep – but I normally dread it!  I only had about 1 hour to get this done and I went with what I know!  Easter is coming, company is arriving and from here on out, the next few months (until September) Shawn and I are busy busy busy – so I want to make sure we stay on track!

BBQ Pulled Chicken in Crockpot
Sweet Potato
Steamed Vegetables (low-carb & high-carb options)
*Done in under 30 minutes*


3lbs boneless, skinless chicken, thawed will be placed in the crockpot.  Add 1 bottle of BBQ sauce on top (pick your favorite flavor).  Turn the crockpot on low for 6 to 8 hours.  I turned mine on at 8pm and will turn it off at 4am when I get up.

Steambags:  Place in microwave for the suggested amount of time (on back).

Sweet Potato:  Put in ziplock or ‘steam bags’ (found in produce aisle).  The steam bag has a pullaway flap that you fold over and will stick and seal the bag.  Cook for 8-10 minutes in microwave.

Fill up your containers!!  When the chicken is ready tomorrow morning I will pull it apart with 2 forks and put it in a small container to add to my vegetables and sweet potato.  The entire process took me under 30 minutes!!


Low-carb option:  Green beans (right) 5g carbs/serving
High-carb option:  Protein blend (Italian Style) Steamfresh bag (left) 45g carbs/serving
Sweet-Potato:  25g carbs/sweet potat0.  Split in half for each container.
*Remember, carbs ARE good.  We need them!!  It is about choosing the RIGHT CARBS AT THE RIGHT TIME!*

Finally, the cat told me I had to slow down and put my leg up – so she sat on top of me!  So I finished up by laying out my morning drink and vitamins then I took my Omegaplex and Joint Promotion for the night and I am now relaxing for the evening!





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