Oreos & Milkshakes vs Apples & Oatmeal!!

Yes, I am human too. Yes, I crave junk food!  And I mean CRAVE it bad sometimes!  Well, what do I do about it you ask?!!…

1. Decide:  Is what I am craving something I can eat a little of to satisfy my craving and leave it at that; or is it a ‘potato chip’ effect?  You can’t eat just ONE!!

2.  Act on the decision!!:  Don’t go back and forth for too long.  You’ll end up succumbing to your bad habits!  I either say, ‘Yes, I can have a bite’ (and enjoy it) or ‘No, I know I have better options that I’ll feel better about in the long run!’  And I  refer to my ‘go-to’ list of snacks!

3.  Take 5 minutes:  This 5 minutes is for You.  Remember, I am all about healthy habits!  Think about these 3 things:

1. How did I feel after that snack?  (Energy, guilty, wanted to nap, etc)

2. Could I have prevented this?? (Don’t keep junk in house, didn’t food prep, etc)

3. What is my ultimate goal and am I consistently doing small, daily actions to create the bigger picture?


I was talking with someone today who mentioned that they were craving Oreos!! Funny enough, on my way home from work today I absolutely wanted to stop by Zaxbys and get a Birthday Cake milkshake!!! I honestly could eat one of those everyday!!  The only thing that prevented me from that disaster today was the fact that I had done some FOOD PREP!

I knew I’d feel horrible after drinking that, but it is a COMFORT food to me!  I have been working on being ‘comforted’ by my own food, the fact that I dont have to wait in line, I save $$$ and no guilt!



These are awesome! They offer more nutrition than an oreo and with the extra protein, they will satiate your craving while not being as addictive as oreos!

2. Fauxnuts!!


I loveeeee these!  You can get creative!  As long as you don’t go overboard with toppings you can easily whip up a fresh, refreshing snack!

*I take NO credit for these recipes.  I simply found them on pinterest and shared how I fit them into my lifestyle.  I added these recipes to my ‘Go-to Snack’ library.  I keep that as part of my arsenal!

**Do you need help with snacks or meals??  I am helping my friends and clients by modifying an otherwise unhealthy meal into a meal that may not make you feel so guilty and you can still enjoy!!  Let’s see what we can come up with!!** Comment below or e-mail me!







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