Monday Blues?! -Day 1 Challenge

April 4th, 2016 : DAY 1 CHALLENGE

*Do something your normally WOULD NOT do on a Monday!!
        – That simple.  Send me a picture, video, text or e-mail with evidence!  Short explanation why you did what you did!

*Starting your week off on the right foot will make you feel a lot better and will give you more success for the week ahead.  I want you to tell me WHY you did this particular thing.  You may find that you are always putting it off or that you never thought you could fit it into your schedule, yet when challenged to do it you found the time!

Here are some examples:
*Commit to not eating out for any meal that day!
*Walk on the treadmill or go for a brisk 10-20 min walk outside on your lunch break
*YouTube a workout video when you get home from work (yoga, HIIT, zumba) and do that before dinner or when the kids go to bed
*Drink MORE water and TRACK it!  Too often we think we drink enough yet come up short
*Ask for help with exercise!  Decide that you are going to reach out to your friend who always works out and let them know you need some ideas to get the ball rolling for yourself
*Play with the kids outside before or after dinner
*Put your TV show on – but EXERCISE during the commercials!!  Squats, sit-ups, plank, jumping jacks, jog in place
*Write out a grocery list and start coming up with ideas for snacks and dinners – plan ahead!
*Clean out the PANTRY and REFRIGERATOR!  Get rid of the junk!  Out of site – out of mind!!

…I could go on for days!  I am excited to hear what everyone has done!  Let me know by the end of the day, Monday April 4th so you can get points!!



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