Walk the Plank! -Day 2 Challenge

April 5, 2016 : Day 2 Challenge

3 Planks!  You will hold each one for as long as possible!  I need a picture or video of it! (Prop your phone against something if filming by yourself).

Record in your journal!! Even a simple sheet of paper will do.  LOG ALL CHALLENGES YOU HAVE DONE (2 as of today).

Example: Day 1. Food prepped, Day 2: 20 second plank (3x)…this way you can look back and improve upon your list as you go on!

How to get 2 points today: FIRST, send me a pic or video of plank (just one of them) but tell me how long you held all 3.  SECOND, send me a picture of your log book/sheet recording your daily challenges!

*Here to help with modifications or even suggestions of making this exercise harder!  One of two things will happen when you do the challenges…you will figure out how much you need to work on something or you will find that you performed better than expected! When that happens, ASK for something harder!! Keep pushing yourself!!

bHealthHappy, B



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