Fading Awwway… (Day 4 Challenge)

April 7, 2016 – Day 4 Challenge

Thanks to my amazing husband – we have a workout video for you today!  Funny how MY ideas ALWAYS turn into Shawn doing the work 😉  …What can I say? ha

  1.  Write the workout down on a piece of paper so you have it in front of you.
  2. Find some weights to use (this workout can be done with no weights) or get creative and use milk jugs with sand, water, soup cans, etc…
  3. Find a spot in your house that gives you some room.
  4. Prop your phone on something so you can watch the video.
  5. Grab water, a timer and PUMP UP THE MUSIC!

Now that you are set up:
1. Your warm-up is to do the video while you are watching it.  I go through each exercise 2x and I show modifications.  Keep the volume up so you can hear what I am saying.  
2. After you have watched and done the video – use your piece of paper to do the workout.
3.  I want you to see how long it takes you.  Make a note of any modifications you had to do and the weights used.
4.  VIDEO YOURSELF doing at least one round of the workout!

Good Luck!!

WORKOUT:  Fading Awwway…

Side Lunges with Bicep Curls (Alternating Side->Side) (10/side)
Side Plank (20 seconds)
Leg Lifts (20x)
**Repeat 4 times**

Push-ups (10x)
Supermans (15x)
Mountain Climbers (20 total *10/leg)
**Repeat 3 times**

Jumping Jacks (50x)
Squats (40x)
Opposite Arm -> Leg (30x) *15/leg
Fast Feet (20x) *10/foot
Squat hold with Jabs (10x)
**Repeat 2 times**

(You will do all of the exercises 1x through, that ends the round, rest 30 seconds after each round.  The exercises ‘fade away’ so pay attention to how many rounds of each section you do.  The goal is to work as hard as you can each round! – explained in video)

Fading Awwway…
**Click the above link for workout video**



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