Push – Plank – Stair!!

Tomorrow’s Task for the Challengers!! (April 11, 2016)

My goal is to build upon the week before! The biggest frustration for most is hitting that dreaded plateau!

To avoid hitting a plateau in your weight loss or more importantly your fitness goals – you need to continue to build on what you have already done and continously challenge yourself. Never be afraid to at least try!

1. WRITE EVERYTHING down!! Trust me, you won’t remember from last week!
2. Each week, add something new you can work on – even as small as getting more steps in.
3. Make goals and a PLAN to get there.
*Want to run a 5k or lift a certain amount of weight? You must write it down and plan!

What is your goal?
When will it be accomplished by?
How am I going to achieve it, write out a weekly schedule!

4. DON’T be afraid to ASK for help! More often than not I ASK other trainers or even friends who have done what I am looking to do, for advice! That is the best way to gain a different view, tips and advice!

So, let’s start this Monday off right!!!

Option 1:
Max push-ups X2 (rest 90 seconds between sets)
10 minutes of stair jogging or walking
3 max planks
10 lunges/leg
(Do a max plank then 10 lunges/leg, rest 1 minute, repeat 3x)

Option 2:
Max push-ups (3 sets, rest 60 Seconds between sets)
15 minutes of stair jogging
3 max planks
15 burpees
(Do a plank then 15 burpees, Rest 30 seconds, repeat 3x)

For help with PUSH-UPS and different variations – refer to my blog post where Shawn shows several variations!

**Sorry no pics. My computer is shot and the phone is less than ideal for formatting**

bHealthHappy, Brittany


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