Dead Leg! & Easy Chicken Salsa Lettuce Wraps (with Bacon)!

 Day 11 of Challenge : April 14, 2016

In today’s Blog:
-Dead Leg Workout!
– Easy Chicken Salsa Lettuce Wraps with Bacon!
-The #1 Mistake ppl make if trying to eat healthy and they think it is TOO EXPENSIVE!

Dead Leg Workout!! …oh, and CORE!
1. Barbell Deadlifts (15x)
2. Wall Sit (20 seconds)
3. Courtsey Lunges (10/leg)
4. Full Sit-ups (20)
5. Flutter Kicks (15/leg)
6. Bridges (10)
7. Single Leg Deadlifts (10/leg)
8. Step-ups on box (weights in hands) (10/leg) or Box Jumps (20)

Pictures (Match the Numbers)
1. Barbell_Deadlift.png2. Wall_Sit_squat_F_WorkoutLabs.png3. curtsy-lunge-exercise-illustration.jpg4.0eb29f83789af573_sit-up_straight_leg.xxxlarge.jpg
5. tumblr_inline_n0c22wpAew1rdu2za6. Weighted_Glute_Bridge.png7. single-leg-deadlift-2.jpg8.step_up_1.jpg

*Go through the entire round, Rest 1 minute.  Complete 2-4x depending on your fitness level*

RECIPE OF THE DAY:  Easy Chicken Salsa Lettuce Wraps (with Bacon)!

Romaine Hearts, Lettuce
Shredded Chicken (marinaded)
Salsa (Mango is my favorite!)
Turkey Bacon
Avocado (optional)

Lay the lettuce on your plate, heat up your chicken and then add salsa to the chicken.  Layer it on the lettuce, add a warm slice of bacon on top and add some avocado too!  Yup, that easy.  You’re Welcome.
I am NOT a cook, but I still want to eat healthy.  Trust me, if I can do this so can YOU!  Start with a few recipes and build on that.  Eventually, you will find yourself making what is familiar and it won’t be such a big ordeal.  And if you think eating healthy is expensive, think again!

They go with the intentions of buying healthy food, and they DO.  However, they are not 100% convinced yet, so they still fill their cart with unhealthy treats ‘just in case’ they need something.  That is not only setting yourself up for failure, because you WILL fault to what is FAMILIAR when you are starving and “Can’t find anything to eat in your pantry!”  So the fresh, healthy foods go bad and you throw that out – having to buy more! It is also DOUBLE BUYING!  Most healthy recipes just need to BE MADE!  You need to take a little effort to prepare what you actually bought and you will come up with recipes that feed a lot of people!  For example, the protein balls that I made.  I used oats, honey, PB, choco chips, etc…I could make almost triple the amount and it is still probably cheaper than a bag of Oreos, for example.
My point:  Don’t have a cart full of junk and foods you are familiar with – then add a few healthy foods that you will end up throwing out just because you THINK you have good intentions.  Yes, that IS expensive and a WASTE!  Commit to one or the other and when you are ready, you will find it is not horrible.
My Trick:  I keep NO bad junk food in the house.  I can’t tell you the last time I bought a bag of cookies.  I know I will devour the entire thing at once!  It has been so long that I don’t even think about going down those aisles now.  So when I am out with friends or at a wedding, baby shower or any event for example I know that it is OKAY to have a treat or two!  I don’t feel guilty and I won’t go home with it! 🙂

*Want to be a part of the next Group Fitness Challenge??  Get in touch with me!  You can decide to just do all of the workout and challenges I give you or add in the 24 Day Challenge with that to get even better results with your clean eating and exercise!  Here to help!
Decide. Commit. Go for it.  YOU are worth it!





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