Top 6 ‘HealthHappy’ Habits I focus on EVERYDAY!

I have always known my friends and family to think of me skinny/fit/in shape, exercise guru, motivated and has most of my stuff together!  And yes, that is true to an extent!  They of course have other kind words to say about me – but I have heard something along those lines my whole life!
Carly-is-Inspired-Stop-ComparingWhy am I bringing this up?
Simply to make a point.  I don’t mind to be categorized as the above in the slightest.  In fact, they are all compliments.  However, we are a society of COMPARISON!  The internet and its fellow technologies, have changed our generation and for many to come.  We can hide behind screens and compare ourselves to others – without even realizing it.

I have found myself doing this the past year or so – and I didn’t realize the profound effect it has had on me until recently.  I’d lose an hour of MY time looking at someone else’s life through a ‘snowglobe’!  It would effect my mood, how I felt about myself and make me question the direction my life was going?
Am I successful enough in my career?  I don’t have that!  How did they do it?!  Why not me?!  I wish I traveled more!  Maybe I should wait on that so I can do this!

I wanted to write this post tonight for some encouragement to you and to help enrich YOU!
When reading my blog or looking at my pictures – I hope to portray positive energy, happiness and by no means a ‘cover up’ story!  I personally don’t find it appropriate to air your dirty laundry on social media – so I may not post about every hiccup that has happened – but it doesn’t mean they don’t happen!
In the past 8 years I developed a fear of flying, I hate being in the back of a car, I don’t like anticipation of events and overall life sometimes can just be overwhelming for me!  But I don’t let it control me.  I am that happy, fun, energetic, in shape, crazy runner, motivated person – just not 24/7!  You get the point 🙂  I use to feel bad when I was having a bad day or feeling sorry for myself.  I have an amazing family, friends, husband, career, house, cat, opportunities, health, etc…  What should I feel bad about?!  Yet, it was just me being distracted by what I thought others had and not focusing on what was LITERALLY right in front of me and not a cyberworld!

So – how many of you have found yourself asking WHY NOT ME?!  
If I could just be more motivated like her, a little skinnier like her, love exercise the way she does or get my life together like that?!

Let me tell you something!  I have my own set of insecurities and ‘wish lists’ too!
1.  The FEAR of what others will think of me!
2. Being able to build a successful home business so I can be home with my future kids
3. Have the freedom to spend more time with my family and not be ‘tied down’ to a certain schedule
4. Wake up motivated and not have to pump myself up each morning – no it doesn’t always just come to me!
5. Not be so anxious about everything these days!  ugh – Don’t ask me why, I just am!
6.  The list goes on for days…

Lastly – I figured out why I was comparing myself to others via social media.  I was doing it for INSPIRATION!  At first I was looking for motivation from others – but I have realized that no one can MOTIVATE me, rather they INSPIRE ME!  I wanted to read about what they were doing so I could do it.  I knew that if they did, I could!  I just needed to REDIRECT my end thoughts into POSITIVE ACTIONS!  I am all about HEALTHY HABITS and DAILY CONSISTENT ACTIONS that lead to the bigger picture! So,  I developed 6 new ‘HealthHappy’ Habits to use every day to keep me on track!

*Just do this.  Make even your side of the bed if your spouse is still sleeping.
*I am not an avid church goer and I don’t speak about religion with others, however, I do have my faith!  I am just more quite about it.  A good friend suggested this to me one day and it is a GAME CHANGER!  It is about taking the first 5 minutes of your day and reflecting!  Just download the app ‘’ and it will send you a bible verse (short quote) everyday.  Read it and reflect for a few minutes every morning.  Don’t saturate your mind with social media immediately.
*Hello!!!  This is ME time – ENDORPHIN time – Build yourself up!  Be STRONG!

*On a nice day – I go for a walk, weed the garden, sit on front porch – I DO NOT WATCH TV or SCROLL the phone!  Take time to smell the fresh air and be grateful for what is right in front of you!
*Read a book, talk to your spouse or kids, get ready for the next day
*Every night I make sure to focus on my blessings and what I am grateful for.  I acknowledge my accomplishments of the day and TAKE A DEEP BREATH!

As hard as this is for me to share these insights – I hope it helps you!  I want to inspire you to dig a little deeper…

10 Push-ups
10 Supermans
9 Push-ups
9 Mountain Climbers/leg
8 Push-ups
8 Squats with heavier DB weights
7 Push-ups
7 Jumping Jacks
6 Push-ups
6 Burpees
5 Push-ups
5 Lunges/leg with heavier DB weights
**Rest 1 minute after each round.  Move this as quickly as possible with good form!  Repeat 4 times.

Cardio:  STAIRS!  12 minutes!  Find a stadium, parking deck, your house…GO!  



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