‘Mom is running’ … ‘From What?!’… ‘I mean on the treadmill!’

I cannot MOTIVATE you, therefore, I aim to INSPIRE you!

Motivation will come and go.  You may be hyped up to head out for your workout, get side tracked, and find yourself an hour later with a lot less motivation!!  Where did it goooo?!  Happens to the best of us!  But what keeps some going more than others?  How do they stay consistent and on track?
They are INSPIRED!  This is one key element that you need to find, yourself.  I find my inspiration from those ‘who never thought they could and doubted themselves.’  The people who needed SOMEONE ELSE to believe in them MORE until they could believe it for themselves!  It is awesome to watch them evolve into becoming more by simply BELIEVING THEY CAN!

Today – my inspiration is my MOTHER!  I could go on about how long it has taken me to get her into the gym – but we don’t have that much room to type!!
This wasn’t to be mean – it just shows that someone won’t do something until they are ready, regardless of how much you know it will benefit them!
My mom still works 6 days per week, manages her home, worries about us 3 grown kids and manages her diabetes (a new diagnosis within the last few years).  I wanted her to be ‘HealthHappy’ by DOING SOMETHING FOR HERSELF!  After investing 30+ years into her children, she has had a difficult time transitioning into ‘investing time into herself!’

Long story short, 6 years ago she quit smoking.  Cold Turkey.  Enough was enough.  This past January she joined the gym?!!  Um WHAT?!  When my sister told me that ‘Mom was running’, I asked ‘From what?’ …Erica cracked up laughing and said ‘I mean on the TREADMILL hahaha!!’  woops!! 🙂
So here she is – at the gym – running, squatting, lifting weights and breaking a good old sweat!!  She said she hasn’t felt better!  And I love that because I want my mom to be happy and proud of herself, like she always is of us!  To be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally!  SHE DESERVES IT!!

*Shoutout to my sister who has been joining her at the gym*

Here are a few things my sister sent me yesterday from Day 1 of the MAY CHALLENGE!


Pay careful attention to the end of 2nd video, that plank got her! And the beginning of 3rd video…Are you dancing or getting ready to squat?  Dehehehe! Love you Sis!

So GET OUT THERE and try something new.  Start somewhere!

bHealthHappy, Brittany


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