What is our ‘Busy Season’ & HOW we FOOD PREP during it!

Easter starts the ‘Busy Season’ for us!  From Easter up until the Holidays (Turkey Day/X-mas), we have visitors at our house nearly every weekend and if no one is staying with us – it means we are traveling!!

HOW DO I STAY ON TRACK regardless of how much I am away from home or out to dinner with guests?!

  1.  I food prep and aim to eat as healthy as possible during the week while I am at work!
  2.  I choose healthy options on the menu when eating out.  I pick a few goodies here and there from everyone else’s plates, however, the main dish is a healthy choice!
  3. We pack food for road trips!!  This is huge!


Easter:  The Hartl clan came for their yearly visit! 🙂  Connor, Cliff and Michelle start off our busy season every year, and are our first visitors 🙂  We love their company and always have a great time!  We ate at ‘Alligator Soul’ on Saturday night and YUM!  There was Bison, duck bacon, snapper, a cheese board, frog legs?! and MUCH more.  **I picked a little off each plate to make a meal!  Definitely good food and LOTS of laughs that night!  You can always count on my father-in-law for a great story!

In April we drove to Annapolis, MD (10 hours) on a Friday afternoon, went to my cousins wedding on Saturday night, spent Sunday with family in Annapolis and drove back!  Yup, all in one weekend.  We are crazy like that.  It is ALWAYS worth it to see your family for any bit of time!

This past weekend my Aunt Linda & Uncle Butch came for a visit!  They were going to be in the area so they stayed with us!  I don’t get to see them nearly enough but when I do it really is special to me and their company is always welcome in our home!  Friday night we chowed down on seafood at Love’s Restaurant and Saturday was spent at the beach, getting lunch then home playing cards!  ‘Kings’ to be exact.  I lost.  By A LOT.  I am use to that!

*Uncle B eating my Mom’s Ice Cream! hehe

The rest of this weekend was spent OUTSIDE!  Cutting the lawn, planting, edging, watering, repairing, sitting on the porch (well I did a lot more of that than Shawn HA) and just enjoying the sunshine.

Needless to say, by the time I came inside the last thing I wanted to do was food prep.  But I won’t let excuses get in my way!  I told myself to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid), make a quick list, go to the store and make a few dishes for the week.  So we did and here is what we ended up with:

Breakfast (Toast with PB and Banana slices, Egg muffins and turkey bacon, Protein Shake with almond milk)
*I have lots of options!  All include PROTEIN!  Start your morning off right!  Don’t eat a lot of sugar or simple carbs during breakfast!

Snack (Water, ThinkThin bars, Kind bars, Bananas with nut butter)
*Remember, sometimes you can mistake hunger for thirst!  Make sure you are not dehyrdated.  I love snacks I can keep at my desk or in my purse – don’t go hungry!  Bananas and nut butter – a fav!)

Dinner (Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Ground Turkey, Turkey Burgers)
*I always keep these in the house!  What can’t you make with this?!  The Sweet Potato Meatloaf was a hit with my husband and EASY to make.  I have a ton of steamfresh veggies in the freezer so I can pair that with the chicken I marinade and throw it in the crockpot or make a quick turkey burger on the grill!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Even the cat is tuckered out!!




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