How I Survived 8 nights in a row with my Husband…

…took him to the Great Smoky Mountains, Zoo, Mini-golfing, Aquarium, to get Ice Cream, Hiking, BBQ/Pizzeria and much more!

Anyone else out there a firefighters wife/spouse?  If so, you know how VALUABLE that 24 hour shift is to YOU!
1. You come home from work and the house is peaceful, no dishes in the sink, no clothes on the ground and you don’t have to cook dinner for anyone but yourself!
2.  That is it…there is no other reason.  You come home and can relax!  As of right now, we have no children – so I am SURE my opinion will completely change when that time comes, however, for now I will enjoy what I can. 🙂
*When Shawn was kidding with me that I was going to have to ‘put up’ with him for 8 nights…I knew I needed to keep him occupied! hehe

When I use the term ‘bHealthHappy’ I emphasize that there are several aspects of your life that need to be addressed, not just the physical part!  Emotionally and Spiritually are equally as important!  Taking the time to go on a much needed and overdue vacation with your significant other is KEY!  No alarm clocks, no agenda and no plan at all!  We only really knew where we were going and for how long!
…and it went better than expected!

Day 1:  Forbidden Caverns, Lunch at an awesome BBQ place, Hillbilly Golf!
I am extremely claustrophobic – They had a ‘light show’ and they turned the lights out for 2.5 minutes (then back on) to show you how dark it could get in the cave!!  But I made it and I am proud of myself for doing this!! 🙂 *no pics can be taken inside, however, SO beautiful!

For Hillbilly golf, you take a ride up the mountain, get off and play the holes that are built into the mountain!!  So peaceful and fun!

Day 2:  Walking around aimlessly, eating Ice Cream


Day 3:  Aquarium, BBQ/Pizza

They said it should only take 1.5-2 hours MAX to get through Aquarium.  It took my Husband 4 hours!!!  He lived up to his name ‘Mo’ that day!! 🙂

Day 4: Rainforest Zoo, Moonshine Candles, ApplesApplesApples

At dinner this was served as we sat down…Apple fritters with Apple Butter and Apple Spritzer (served instead of bread, before we ordered our drinks!) Um…is this dessert?  Haha!

Moonshine scent to put in my candle warmer!!

I think I kept him occupied pretty well!! The other few nights were spent at home!

I joke about having to see my Husband ‘too much’ at once, but truly I miss him bugging me when he isn’t here!  I am so thankful we got to spend some time together without worrying about everyday life!  It is important to create these amazing memories and to reconnect!

Can’t wait to do it again!!





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