Hey Everyone!
My name is Brittany and I started a blog to help myself and others navigate through this adventure we call LIFE!

Being ‘Health Happy’ means living life on YOUR terms. Living for yourself, not letting FEAR hold you back from taking chances, and NOT settling for what is handed to us.
You must be HEALTHY physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally to be HAPPY. You have the power to create or overcome. Use it!

Here I was, 27, sitting next to my husband Shawn at an Advocare event; when an amazing motivational speaker, Andy Andrews, walks out onto stage and begins speaking life into all of us! He spoke for well over an hour and it was awesome, but there were TWO things in particular that gave me an ‘Ah Ha’ moment:
1. When we were children; our parents, teachers, friends, family members and those alike, spoke LIFE into our dreams. ‘You can be and do whatever you want’…etc. However, WHEN and WHY does the vocabulary change as we reach our mid 20’s, early 30’s and beyond?!! WHY IS IT OKAY TO SETTLE? WHY DO WE STOP DREAMING? WHY DO WE STAY INSIDE THOSE COMFORT ZONES……….?
2. SMILE – just smile! It goes further than you think!

How True?! How True?! I have an awesome life! My husband is amazing. My friends and family are incredible. I have a roof over my head and I was given SO many opportunities in my life – all I had to do was take advantage of them! And I did! It never came easy and I had to work my tail off for everything I have, but the key is that the OPPORTUNITY was given to me. Then I got comfortable. I was ‘okay’ with Shawn and I each working 60-70hrs/week and having 6-7 jobs between the two of us. I was ‘okay’ with knowing I would retire when I put my time in and that my time and energy would be spent mostly at that job, away from my family. I was ‘okay’ with always having to watch my money, save. I was ‘okay’ with telling myself I may never be able to travel there or experience that!! I was ‘okay’ with TRADING TIME FOR MONEY. It made me think…Am I just going through the motions? YES!!! Yes, I got comfortable and was playing it SAFE!
I felt like I wanted to explode!! I wanted to just jump out of my seat, get on a plane and go DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!
…so I AM! And I want you to do the same!
That is exactly what I want to do for others! When asked what I wanted to do when I grew up…I had never been able to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do. I got into the health/medical field and I know that is along the lines of where I want to be but I am a BIG DREAMER and want to be able to help people achieve a lifestyle they can truly be proud of and one they never imagined!

I hope to motivate you to become moretake chances and take advantage of opportunities presented to you…NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SCARY they seem at the time!

Follow me as I work to ‘Be Health Happy’!


Our future is nothing but bright!


  1. I get to see Andy Andrews speak at my Thirty One conference this summer. Now I’m even more excited for it!


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